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Best Buy Units Available (Updated on 03 Jan 2018)

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2-bdrm Compact – Last 4!

#34-09 $1,123,000
#36-09 $1,130,000
#37-09 $1,134,000
#40-09 $1,144,000


#02-05 $1,410,000
 #03-05 $1,413,000
 #04-05 $1,415,000
 #40-05 $1,547,000
 #04-07 $1,396,000
 #19-07 $1,435,000
#27-07 $1,458,000
 #30-07 $1,467,000

3-bdrm + Guest

 #04-06 $1,630,000
 #37-10 $1,699,000
 #05-11 $1,566,000
#06-11 $1,568,000
 #08-11 $1,573,000
 #09-11 $1,576,000
#39-11 $1,673,000

4-bdrm – Last 5!

#02-01 $1,923,000
 #03-01 $1,930,000
 #14-01 $1,977,000
 #27-08 $1,932,000
 #32-08 $2,047,000
 #34-08 $2,082,000


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In every masterpiece we create, we stay true to our core values, building on Passion, Innovation, Enterprise and People.

UOL Group is one of Singapore’s leading public-listed property companies with an extensive portfolio of development and investment properties, hotels and serviced suites.


With a track record of more than 50 years, UOL strongly believes in delivering product excellence and quality service in all our business ventures. Our impressive list of property development projects include best-selling residential units and services suites. 

Our unwavering commitment to architecture and quality excellence is reflected in all our developments, winning us prestigious prizes such as the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award, the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence and President’s Design Award.

Singapore Land Limited (SingLand) was incorporated in 1963 as the first public listed property company. As one of Singapore’s largest property players, SingLand is synonymous with premier property developments in both prime and suburban locations. In 1990, the Company was taken over by UIC Limited. Today, Singapore Land, together with parent company UIC Limited, is one of Singapore’s largest property groups. Since its inception, Singapore Land has played a crucial role in shaping Singapore’s physical landscape.

At Singapore Land Limited, we strive to build homes with a clear emphasis on design and location.

We have been building dreams since 1963, and with each development continue to shape Singapore’s residential landscape with innovative and inspirational living concepts. As a leading property developer, we remain focused on strategic expansion and seek new ways to enhance our overseas presence by seizing the right opportunities as they arise.

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